I desire what I can get.
From the first bit, trying to cope with this world in every aspect. But every time failed the pressure test due to which I am back to my life. Infact back to my studies. Despite of having some extra ordinary life, I removed the word “Extra” from my life. I work for peace and pleasure, both results in something good atleast.

Oh, I remember this morning I was warmly welcomed by this piece of note in the sun. And yeah! I do then care much about that.

This shitty country isn’t small anymore. Though I haven’t seen it all but that’s my thought when I read such books. Literary, Physiology, Astronomy, liberal arts etc. I make my mind for sometimes but eventually that some of the time passes so quickly that I almost forgot my tasks. Much more what I always lean for is “Books” .
You may call me a “Book worm”. But there’s lies another secret. It’s not that I don’t like books but secondly I owe myself a good library too. That’s my passion.

Well, I have disclosed everything up till now, many more to come. I know I will fill this cane for myself and one day it will be transformed into a trash can and will be dispatched to me.
No big deal. I’ll have 2 copies of every piece I wrote here.


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