Men, the mighty holders

Men, the god gifted dick holders doesn’t really pursue me to acknowledge more about their organs. Dick is one thing that makes a man different from a woman and certainly hath power for being awarded with it. I don’t know what made me discuss about men today on this platform, just because I masturbated some while ago I now hold this device on buttons on it and light rays coming across the liquid crystal display. Yes, something that the universe call LAPTOP. I don’t even own one yet so I have the right to make such a description to catch the presence of this magnificent thing so that my writing can be saved on this platform with its very help.
So where I wanted to take a start with, without a clue I made a heavy research on men from the previous month and that wasn’t going to happen unless it wasn’t hitting my pussy with the very hardhold effort. Where does all the power comes from? All the multi energy that is put forwarded while hitting someone’s pussy with nothing but a dick. Now its very strange to question that how did sex came into being? Who provided the guidelines? prohibitions? postures?
Dumb to not know what these silly woman are really always craving for and what the delivery guy really get rather than small dollar bills. A man can never fulfill the ultimate lush a woman is need of, despite that he seeks for the ultimacy everytime he encounter a meet a hostess that never refuses to get fucked up. Its just like buying wine knowing that you’ll be needing an opener but this time you care to disturb your neighbor who’s never seen empty glass with thongs on.
Men is that gem that can be stolen by any costumer in the supermarket, all you need to present is yourself to the slab so that he can cut some slacks out of you without getting himself hurt. What doesn’t kills him, makes him stronger and woman around surely never turn out to be like Sharon stone who gives you the perfect fuck along with a perfect death with a screwdriver the time she gives birth to an orgasm and without letting you breathe to light yourself, puts you to death. While a man, his ultimate gunshot is when he fuck you in anal in row because the person who’s shooting at a target never tends to feel pain till the time he’s targeting on the spot well. The minute he slips, is the minute he can get those balls pressed against a hardcore body which was wispy like an orange pulp the minute he brought it home. So if one doesn’t through the spear carefully, can result in hurting one soul.
In the universe, it feels lively to stand free without an hymen because what insults a girl is the discussion about losing his virginity. Woman has the right to keep it to herself just like a man. No man ever tells that he fucked or molested a child in order to enhance his manhood because they never covering it in shame, they don’t even feel tipping the word “Shame” from their tongue when it comes to sex either they have been a bachelor or a have a matrimonial life. Who even feel shameful?
Our societies have been educating our both genders about their virtues and sinful acts, it tells that no gender can open themselves infront of each other. According to studies, a womans hymen is that praising god that once vanished in earlier life can never be back again for some piece of worship that leads you to heaven. While no such obligation have been implemented on a man as he has no stone in way that if removed by the traveller will give him the prove that no other person has cross this way before him. This whole concept makes me sick and puke of what I have feeding to was this all gross. I am grateful that I puke on the right moment and carried out the rotten semen before it started producing eggs in there. If this is how studies will revolution our minds then perhaps its time to teach the kids to move towards the modern library to find authentic authors with original knowledge that might help them in how not being a virgin mary for the sake of not enlisting yourself in sinful act but crucifying your pleasure at that time.
The holy book that muslims follow do quote that a man is free to to entertain by four wives in his life. Does anybody have any idea why is it only valid for a man, why not for a woman too? Does only a man arise lush desire and thus get in a correlation with any woman he wants and is accepted by that woman. Why can’t a woman tie up with men with the same injunction? Why she always has to cross the boundary to collect the sins along with the water, why can’t the sins just leave the sea if she is a willing person to roam in clothes with shame. NO, because this isn’t bearable. The stupid irony has tighten its paws in the sand where a woman cannot get entertained by four husbands which they name an appropriate manner while a man can hang himself around the ladies he every time wish for. Ever thought why a man gets in a relationship with a woman and after spending time take her as a life partner? Does he do it because he need kids? If he is a billionaire, might be possible but what if he has a coming salary that is enough to get his kitchen in work and some gifts to make his woman active? Man needs a woman to satisfy their pleasures with new taste of cum that is every time produced when their lions are enlightened with power.
The same goes with a woman as well, no woman exhibit herself for having plenty of eggs that one day will grow into horny chicks in search of cocks but she seeks for a man to have the same that a man is getting from her. YES the pleasure ride, the ride that can equally serve the turn to each partner to make a new experience of the road of revolution. Its sad to confront the truth in first place than hiding oneself behind the injunctions. I don’t blame man for having woman around just like being a woman I don’t want anyone to question me about being around anyone who I want and who wants me. What disturbs is the injunction made in the book regarding the absolute obligations for the genderhood and therefore what creates a hurdle in mind must wash away. (Phone beeps) OH WAIT, I NEED TO TAKE THIS!

Apology, my guy just got out some time for me and i couldn’t just make a mistake of making someone leave that stopped by showing me some interesting thread of pictures as promised. I just expressed it way deeply, I don’t see a reason to lie this to this screen who spent almost hours digesting what I’ve been writing.
So where were we.. yes the obligations, fuck every injunction and start living your life because some people have surely wasted quarter of jug when feeding on the pulp from the holy books. Its time to make slight changes in diet to meet less constipation ahead.
The more irrelevant you intake, the more you suffer of not passing a stool.


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