A hundredth mystery

Within the years of disparity
I lost the battle in the utmost stance
Great pain in the hollowed heart
Rapidly changed our ways of sunset
Thou kept climbing the limit of height
When I spun twice closed eyes
But it was time to let go mutuality stance
Our ways were never defined
Except of the fields we used to talk about
Where sun rose from the west
And sets in the east
You’ve always been a light behind hills
Hills that speak of dry faded sunshine
You’ve always been a hook behind painting

Painting that speaks of strengthen support
You’ve always been a cologne behind cajole
Cajole that drag me to your paltry pub

I remembered all of it, all of it
Because somewhere in the way
You will wish for an absolution to come
Our ways which showed no direction
Yet made us stand on the point we left from
Live gave us a tragic truth
And set the field where sun rises
Truth that sun never sets in east
And rises from the west
We once met again in our journey
And gave both a chance to catch the absolution
Right away, without any pause.

( They did met once again yet they both were in decision to catch the absolution or not)


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