Uninvited pleasures

Walking in the deep midst
I heard a quiver of thunder
From the sound of crackling windows
Awake the sleeper, rise from dead

Stands by the window sneaking around
Passes a deep plum lady through a block
Winged eyes which hardly made any contact
With the stranger standing by the window

An illusion to the temporary real
I now began to feel the sensation of love
What I imagined was even deeper
than what I really got to endure

Thou beautiful body of nearly 30’s
Looks like she has been lost
Every pinch of her skin reminded me
of my melancholy whore.

A slight breeze ruffled her plum silk skirt
A smooth pair of neat legs transpired with reticence
What a tragedy in our society
What a pity for a venial performer

I began to shrug my cock
against the window pane
from that she glanced with lower lip bite
and vanished

It was a high horn by then
not finding her anywhere on the block
But in the next minute rang the doorbell
Bam! I had an open ticket to Lucifer’s cradle now.




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