Salt and savor

Salt is a whitish solid usually in a granulated form as a food seasoning and preservative. It relishes an eternal touch to your sense of taste when lick over it. So with a little piece of experience I came to taste it over a friend’s body, yes body. I do believe the fact that our body contains a part of salt mine in there along with water and many more portions that I am not gonna talk about.
A human being doesn’t really resist the fact of staying not in touch with one another even when they have a partial understanding and alot in common. Its best that they don’t wait for the right time and do what is on their mind. You don’t feel the exact for the same person everytime so what I suggest is never let go the chance of seeing a clear, wavy blue sky till the sun rises atleast. Something is better than nothing.
Salt and savor is representing the ultimate touch of taste in your wet mouth that runs with saliva back in the river of your epiglottis. While talking to friend that night, I almost lost the words of respect and shame but not my senses. And I never felt guilty of what we talked about, things we discussed and made each other’s mind mad infact I did. I was full of stubbornness and carried no act of shame inside me because I never felt bad what we really did, pleasuring someone I know with the best counts as a good deed in the platform of my luggage.
Carrying salt and savory all over my chops was a good time of summer. Don’t believe in the truth, stop caring about people because these living insects are not gonna make you live outside unless you try on your own. Words are not a good option of paying back but act can be. Have some courage, open the door and start making your steps on the stairs you’ve build for yourself and don’t let anybody know about them till you reach your destiny.


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