Ask the dust

The person who hardly believed that he was a fine writer of great diversion, John Fante known as Arturo Bandini as a character of imagination in this book. Mesmerizing the view of his life wouldn’t be a shortcut to the novel because he had made everything possible for earn out a living not only for himself but his mother who was back there in Colorado, waiting for her son to return at one hand and on the second hand for her peaceful death. Despite of telling people about his life, Arturo decided to tell it in a mannerful way or you can say in a writers way. Letting words flourish through his typewriter on to the paper, seeking for the reply from his god man friend- Hackmuth (the one who used to approve his books and get them published), the Mexican beauty he met at the Columbia buffet named Camilla Lopez. Arturo  was a man of sand who sticks to a desert only and for him his desert was Camilla, the Mexican girl who used to serve beer in the hotel. She was a tall, mocking creature wearing a black dress with a white apron and by her feet she always wear the huaraches which he might thought hurt her but they were as sweet as a corn dipped in sweet mustard. Camilla danced over her huaraches whenever she serves beer, what a splendid way she had adopted. This was the first time when he started falling for her soul but she never let me touched her soul as if it was the only thing she couldn’t live without.
Camilla ofcourse loved another man, the one who used to work with him called ‘Sammy‘ but he never loved her back the way she did. As for Arturo, it was his work and Camilla but what a lucky fortune cookie he had that he wrote books to exception and found enough fame for him and his typewriter but what lastly he wanted was Camilla, the call of desert, the dunes of a beach and the prickling peddles from the window. God wasn’t fair to him at all and this made him disbelieving the existence of god. He never blamed him for anything since he had everything after a faithful prayer but on another call he never found what he actually prayed for. Arturo was a courageous little atheist who believed in having Camilla walking on the beach with him toppling her brown skin from her clothes, biting her lower lip for a cause, running in between the shore to make Arturo catch her. Good storming he was in his brain and he did found Camilla one day after soo much of struggle but she flew away like dust without a trace of moisture from the desert.
She left Arturo in lurch and also in doubt for his whole life in the art of writing.
( Man like Arturo is hard to find, she was a dumb drug addict who left him like a dust devil. This book is in a well written shape and needs to be peruse, damn you’ll fall hard for a man like Fante).

He can actually make people think about their masterpieces. 
– Ask the dust by John Fante.



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