The book takes place from the life of Henry Chinaski where he is a man with limited convictions and interest in his life. Henry was an independent man with unsavored believes and hobbies. What he really want in his life was a reformed peace, a large canister of beer which may include alcohol as well and a marvelous women to fuck ( precisely with notable details of having a nice pair of legs with silk stockings and breast of 40 size) this made a women perfect for him to fuck.
Chinaski was a child who had parents to care about his life but since he never wanted to interfere in anybody’s matter, he decided not to get anybody into his life. Spending time at his fathers house was like a stay at hotel with the same cooperation, restrictions and a rent to pay off his ass. He struggled many times to get a piece of job and make of living by having his desires accomplish but luck never went through his side.
His career was not only based on writing, but everything which can make him earn a few pennies to live on and have a women beside.
What I’ve experienced up till now is that he was an intimate writer who thought that this shitty world needs to get his ass right on the stool where there is less chances of falling. But since he was a lonely person with multiples jobs from outrageous outlets, he never fitted in one and so he decided to poop over each of them one by one and start living a life of a factotum, leaving behind his passion of writing he began to serve every kind of hospitality but never last longer. He was always dismissed from the post because of his delinquent act whether it was non-seriousness, fucking one of the worker, drinking alcohol which he couldn’t stay away of.
He had this whole world infront of him but he wanted a life like other people, he always wished to stay in his room naked, bottles of beer to drink as one finishes, a pack of cigarettes and a perfect fuck laying besides him lingering her legs all over him. This was his decent life with many flaws that he doesn’t give a fuck to.
(It took me 3 days to finish it and in these three days I couldn’t resist myself masturbating thrice a day) 🙂

What a flawless piece of scratch he just wrote in a few pages
– Factotum by Charles Bukowski.



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