Mad day with mad people.

The story begins from a rushy day which was actually made by myself and a little caused by the weather. I woke up lying on the sofa because I almost slept there while listening to some old playlist of mine which suddenly appeared that night with a single touch that I made on the phone by my skinny finger. Somehow I found myself fall off the sofa which my blanket on my half body that nearly covered my legs and my toes, rest of the body was uncovered. My hand reached my phone that was under my ass. And started looking to my notifications but there was ‘none’. And someway that was a relief to my soul rather than texting those messages back is not my thing. I started my day with the header “I will take this day off” which really turned opposite to what I prayed.
The story’s long and time’s short. Let me give a brief intro to my first time. I brushed my teeth in order to remove the cigarette smell which I reek in the midnight and almost forgot to dispose it off before going to bed. After then I sneaked into the kitchen to get my breakfast. A brown bread slice with some nutella, that’s what I prefer when I don’t want to work hard to get myself a special one. Right after that I showed my face to my mother, father, brother and sister and rushed towards my sharing bedroom. Checked my accounts, accepted some freelancing from the owner. Started working so that I might finished it the present day but every work has its own day and time I can’t fix it by myself.
I had a call from my mother as she was heading towards the market so she asked me to do some dishes before she arrives back. Urghh! My first step ¬†that broked my header. I took some interest to make that happen and before she arrived I cleaned all the house and jumped on the mattress because my back was no more available to work. And before I could take some sleep, Grandmother made her entry and asked me to take her to the market to buy something to the tea as in some supper. I couldn’t refuse her but inside I was no longer a complete energetic body to grab the staring with one hand.

I reached my love i.e Mehran and started the engine to make some rushy moves in order to get rid of the tiredness. I drove as slow as a snail on her demand but couldn’t lasted it after hearing soo much voices at a time. I asked her “What are you gonna buy for the supper? She replied, “How about samosa’s and jaleebi’s?” I shook my head and took my love to the samosa and jaleebi shop. Parked my car according to the requirement and ordered. As soon as he could come with the bag in his hands. A car stopped at my back and horned for almost 2 minutes. First I wasn’t sure if he was alarming me. I came to know when he banged his car into mine. That moment was no longer resistible. I took a step out of my car towards his and almost kicked my foot into my bumper. He shouted with a barking tone and so I was. My mouth was no longer shutted before he did. We gathered a little crowd which in result asked me to cool down and made him pay me. My grandmother was encouraging me for what I did today.

And after the success on that incident, she asked me if I can take her to the cloth market to buy some lawns but I refused to badly that she didn’t asked me again. I tighten my seat belt and drive straight back to home. Dropped her at the house and asked her to tell mother that I’ll be back soon. While I made my move to buy some drink for myself.

As the weather was rainy and windy so I decided to reach the “Gloria Jeans in H- block market because it’s deserted all the time and so I ordered a Mango smoothie served with mint chocolate bomb. I liked in there not because I was frustrated but I needed some space from everyone. I stayed there for about 90 mins and way back to home I connected ox with my phone by towering the volume. When I reached my place, rain was so heavy that I made me get wet in every drop of water that flows from the sky to let go my anger and it worked.

I find peace when I’m confused.
And I find hope when I’m let down
Not in me, me.
I hope to lose myself for good
I hope to find it in the end
But not in me, me.

June 3rd, 2015
03:58 pm


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